The Soil Magazine is a leading independent Fashion & Art magazine, founded by David Young and printed biannually in soft-back, perfect bound format.  There is a definitive classic feel to The Soil whilst embracing all that is here and now. Essentially it is a contemporary photography magazine and the genre is fashion. We are very keen to champion design talent, but we are not limited by it.

Our mission is to seek out and collaborate with true artists and organizations whose foundations are built upon integrity, with the desire to create and achieve through hard work and talent. 

With these ideals in place we will be producing numerous digital and print media, combining fashion, culture, music and film making. Through collaborations and resource pooling, we will be providing a number of services and development strategies that involve publishing, branding, casting, web development and social media. 

The Soil Magazine is available by mail order and selected stores. Please email for stock list.   



Editor-in-Chief: David Young

New York Fashion Editor: Annie Ferguson - London Fashion Editor: Karim Helgstrand Nour - Spanish Contributing Fashion Editor: Marc Piña Sala - Contributing Editor: Eleanor Downie

For content,advertising, marketing or sponsorship opportunities, please email:

General Enquiries: info@soilmagazine.com

For Order/Distribution enquiries: dy@soilmagazine.com